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Unified application

A fully integrated Health Management System

We bring together everything that is necessary to exchange healthcare data and setup and run a healthcare practise or clinic the way you want from anywhere. Flux currently pilots with healthcare providers like physiotherapists in the Netherlands, alleviating much of their administrative busywork. With insightful overviews and flexible tools, you can design specific patient care pathways, categorise your patient population and track outstanding tasks.

Flux's medical feed and communication tools provide a safe environment to engage with your patients. Information can be shared rapidly and securely. Flux structures your health data to provide a clear overview of your patients’ medical history and your business performance.

We help practises and clinics with appointments, planning, finances, automated invoicing and much more!

Designed and build for healthcare providers

Healthcare's most powerful and easy-to-use APIs

We agonize over the right abstractions and business logic so you can soley focus on your patients. We take care of the rest and integrate all functionallity into the daily clinical workflow.

Tech stack

Flux structures health data to provide a clear overview of patients’ medical history and your business performance. Our analytics tools, as well as our open API, will help you gain clinical and business insights, whilst integrations facilitates automated coding for billing.

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Security is in our DNA. Health data is stored fully compliant and with highest level of security certification. Health data is fully encrypted using the most recent technologies available. Access to health data is limited to minimal required level and logged.

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Why Flux

A technology-first approach to exchange and unlock healthcare data

Battle-tested reliability

You'll never have to wait to log in or until the medical records load again. Flux moves at lightning speed. From direct integrations with healthcare networks workflows in the browser, we operate on and optimize at every level of the healthcare revenue cycle.

Intelligent optimizations

Flux is self learning. Your invoices are automatically generated and processed. Reduce errors by 80%. We release features and improvements to help you stay ahead of industry shifts. We deploy our production API weekly to add new functionality.

Prebuild integrations

Flux is built to integrate with multiple third-party service providers, like VECOZO. Also, payment services like iDEAL lets your patients effortlessly pay. Waiting for payment is thing of the past. Our systems operate with 99.9%+ uptime and are highly scalable and redundant.

User friendly

We care about a superb user experiences. That's why each component of Flux is carefully designed. Our machine learning models continuously train and help increase revenue across conversion, revenue recovery, and more.

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We provide training during onboarding, full email and phone support as well as access to an online help centre.

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We migrate your historic database, ensuring continuity and access to all of the health data that you have accumulated.