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Save 30% of your time to focus on what matters

From the first appointment to the final invoice, Flux takes away all manual tasks seamlessly. It is fully powered by AI and uses a smart and simple approach to how business software should work, to help optimize your business.

All automation, for all users

Automatic appointment reminders, immediate invoicing and payment options, patients planning their own appointments, and easy to use on all mobile devices and desktop: These are just a couple of benefits Flux has to offer to make your working day and the patient's journey smarter, easier and filled with positivity.

Work on your business while doing business

Thanks to our real-time insights you will never miss a beat. See where the opportunities and chances lie from patient management to revenue: Flux is your guide along the way.

The scaling opportunities are endless

Because of our uniquely built data architecture, Flux is perfectly suitable for every type of healthcare professional. From a smaller, local practice to a large, international healthcare organisation: Flux is for everyone.

What you see is what you pay

Flux's simplicity means you pay one monthly licence fee. All benefits, no hidden costs.

Welcome to the Flux Family!

We will have you up and running within one working day.